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About Us

My name is Tom Sawyer II.  In 1992, I joined the family business started by my father in 1980. I grew up in this business working for small business and individual clients like you that I work for today. I see the opportunities and challenges you face every day. That's because I'm a small business owner, too.

I know how much time and effort you spend to comply with the ever changing and increasing demands our government imposes on you. Every day, I see people who make the right choices to improve and secure their financial lives and those that choose poorly.

If you're a business owner like me, the health and success of your business determines what kind of life you live, the kind of retirement you achieve, and the security you create for your family.

Let me and my team help you make the right choices. We can help you make smart business choices. Let me and my team help you make the right choices. We can help you make smart business choices to make the most of your investments and minimize your taxes. These choices will determine how much you make - and more important - how much you keep.

My family has been helping our friends and clients for over 30 years. Let us help you.

Do You Pay Too Much Tax?

If you run your own business, you know how important it is to find the right business financial partner. You know how important an accountant can be. But not all accountants are created equal!

Most accountants do a fine job recording the history you give them. They compile monthly, quarterly, and annual books and records. At tax time, they put the “right” numbers in the right boxes on the right forms. But then they call it a day.

My name is Tom Sawyer, and at my firm, we’re different. We don’t just record history. We help you write it, with a proactive attitude and complete menu of tax and accounting services.

It doesn’t matter how good your accountant is with a stack of receipts on April 15.

To minimize your taxes, you need a plan. You need concepts and strategies that leave more on your bottom line.  

  • Have you organized your business right?
  • Do you have the right benefit plans for yourself and your employees? 
  • Do you have the right retirement plan to prepare for your future?
  •  Are you taking advantage of all the legitimate deductions, credits, loopholes, and strategies the Tax Code offers?

We give you the plan you need to minimize your tax. Without “red flags,” “grey areas” or “aggressive” strategies. We partner with business owners and professionals throughout south Florida. We have the experience -- and more important, the proactive attitude -- to give you more than just a history lesson.

Call me to schedule your free Tax Analysis. I'll find the mistakes and missed opportunities that can cost you thousands then show you how proactive planning can rescue those wasted dollars.

I guarantee you'll leave with new information, or I'll give $50 to your favorite charity. So call today!